Before Blucher Chapel was built services were held in one of the pit houses in the village, so in 1904 the Mine owner Sir William Stephenson went to the pit and asked for four men to volunteer to dig foundations for the Chapel which opened in 1906 with lines of eager people  waiting at the door, this is the earliest Baptism in the church log and to this day we still have people coming to look at the records for baptisms, marriage etc. because they had family here who had moved and they are doing family research and our Senior Church Steward John Satterthwaite (Jack)  is always on hand to oblige

The Roman Vallum runs under the Chapel and on through the garden at the back of it. 

Jack Satterthwaite our Senior Church Steward was born in Blucher and has always been associated with the Church.  In fact his mother was its caretaker in its earliest days, the church then had a coal fires for heating and Jack as a lad would come and light the fires for her, he has been organist since 1964. 

Before 1972 the services were accompanied by Jack on the harmonium but he rescued our lovely pipe organ from a church that was closing and we used this and he plays this to this day. 

The foundation stone for the new church extension was laid by Jack in 2003 and the money was raised for it by donations from past and present church member and we now have a lovely small downstairs room and an large upper room with stair lift and modern toilet facilities, as well as a large hall for functions.